The main purpose of having a USGA Handicap is to help make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis.  

Why should you get a handicap

  • Having a handicap allows you to participate in local tournament events, the LPGA Amateur Championship Series and the LPGA Amateur Cup.
  • It gives a you a measurable means of tracking improvement
  • It allows score adjustments based on your individual skill level. How many sports offer that option?
  • Maintaining a handicap is an indication that the golfer has some experience with the game.

How do you get a handicap?

There are two options for LPGA Amateur Northern Colorado members to maintain a USGA handicap.

All LPGA Amateur members can obtain an Official USGA Handicap Index through the LPGA Amateur GN21 System at no additional cost. Powered by GolfNet, GN21 is a full featured system that enables users to obtain more than an official USGA Handicap.

          · Post Scores

          · Access 20,000 golf course profiles

          · Track personal game statistics

          · Print a handicap card

          · View scoring history            

          · Attest scores for other members

LPGA Amateur Northern Colorado Chapter members can also establish a GHIN USGA Handicaps locally with the Colorado Women’s Golf Association (CWGA) through a relationship the Chapter maintains with the Collindale Women’s Golf Association. Keeping a handicap CWGA provides you opportunity to participate in many local tournaments and statewide events.    

For more information about how to establish a handicap with LPGA Amateur NoCo or questions about your handicap, contact our Handicap Chair.